Vacon and WWF Finland co-operate to reduce energy consumption of electric motors

Finnish-based AC drives manufacturer Vacon and WWF Finland have started a cooperation to reduce the impacts of climate change. The partners will promote WWF’s work of protecting the environment and of increasing public awareness of energy-savings and other benefits that Vacon’s technology brings.  

“We want to take a more goal-oriented attitude to preventing climate change by increasing the public awareness of energy saving benefits of AC drives. Cooperation with WWF Finland gives us an excellent opportunity to do this,” says Vesa Laisi, President and CEO, Vacon.  

“Improving energy efficiency is a fundamental means of preventing climate change. The use of AC drives helps to achieve this goal in a concrete and cost-efficient way,” says Timo Tanninen, CEO of WWF Finland.  

The parties will cooperate in the framework of WWF’s Climate Change programme by distributing information on sustainable energy technology via various channels. Additionally, WWF Finland will provide training in environmental issues for Vacon’s personnel.  

Electric motors consume about one third of the world’s electrical energy. The use of energy-efficient motors and an increased use of AC-drive-controlled motors would bring energy savings of 25-30%. The AC drive boosts the performance of an electric motor and saves energy. This increases cost-efficiency and decreases load on the electrical network and the mechanical strain on the machine at start-up. The use of AC drives improves cost-efficiency and decreases emissions generated in energy production.