Geokon opens office in Canada: GKM Consultants

Geokon has retained the services of GKM Consultants, of St-Bruno, Quebec, to assist the company’s efforts in Canada and other countries as the need may arise. GKM Consultants provides innovative and integrated monitoring solutions for geotechnical, civil, mining, hydrological, and environmental applications, and is founded on solid expertise through its qualified and experienced multidisciplinary staff. Key personnel at GKM Consultants include: Stéphane-Éric Thivierge, geological engineer, has worked on a number of interesting geotechnical, construction and environmental projects in Canada, and has secured, through 14 years experience, a strong understanding in non-destructive testing methods and instrumentation monitoring applied to civil engineering structures and mining. Martin Dupuis, electrical engineer, has been involved over the past 20 years in a variety of instrumentation projects in many countries worldwide. His expertise lies not only in the design and implementation of instrumentation systems, but also in the area of project management. Jean-Marie Bréhé, civil engineer, was employed upon graduation by a large multi-national company and worked as an instrumentation site manager on a variety of both small and large scale projects in many countries around the world.