SNC-Lavalin to revamp sulphuric acid plants for Jordan Phosphate Mines Co

jpmc.jpgSNC-Lavalin has been awarded an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract by Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. (JPMC) to upgrade and increase the capacity of two sulphuric acid plants in Aqaba, Jordan. SNC-Lavalin’s revenues from the project will be approximately C$80 million. “We have been designing and building sulphuric acid plants worldwide for over 35 years and are considered a world leader in this sector,” said Feroz Ashraf, Executive Vice-President, SNC-Lavalin Group. “We are proud of this contract with JPMC, which has become a global leader in the rapidly growing sector of phosphate-based fertilisers, Ashraf added.” Work has begun and the project is scheduled for completion in 18 months.

JPMC produces up to 7 Mt/y of rock, making it the world’s sixth largest phosphate rock producer and the second largest exporter. It owns and operates a fertilizer complex in Aqaba that produces:

–  Phosphoric Acid:                                     350,000 t/y

–  Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP):             650,000 t/y

–  Aluminium Fluoride:                                14,000 t/y