Minerals4EU project meeting set for London in November

The Minerals4EU project will be co-hosting a presentation and discussion in London, on November 11 2014, at the offices of Grant Thornton UK LLP. Minerals4EU says it “strongly believes in engaging with stakeholders at all stages, both to inform and to receive comments that will help to steer its development.” The Minerals4EU project, which is designed to meet the recommendations of the EU Raw Materials Initiative, will produce the most comprehensive and official European Minerals Yearbook as well as a foresight study on raw material supply and demand in Europe.

A unique pan-European minerals knowledge data platform accessible through a web portal is being developed around an EU Mineral Intelligence Network structure, which will permanently maintain the system and mineral intelligence, and underpin the Yearbook. The system will especially enable sharing of mineral information and knowledge, and to find, view and acquire standardised and harmonised georesource and related data.

Minerals4EU integrates into a leading European mineral information network structure “the best available mineral expertise and information from the unbiased knowledge base of the European national Geological Surveys and of other key stakeholders.” The Network will provide data, tools, services, and expertise to both sustain the enhancement of resource efficiency and minerals supply security, and to foster sustainable mineral development for Europe in support of public policy-making, industry, society, communication and education purposes at European and international levels. The project, which is co-financed by the European Union, is developing fast and will be concluded in 2015. Further details can be found at http://www.minerals4eu.eu

Invitations are being sent to senior professionals from a wide spectrum of the mining sector, together with those involved with mining in the financial, regulatory and broker communities. Senior representatives from the European Commission will be present, as will a number of management and technical staff from the project.