Talga graphene boosts thermal-conductive concrete

As new uses for graphite, and graphene in particular, become known in rapid succession, Australian technology minerals company, Talga Resources, has achieved outstanding results, verified by an independent test laboratory, on graphene enhanced prototype concrete samples.

As announced in July 2016, in addition to raw graphite and graphene materials, Talga is developing ‘fit for purpose’ products within four prime industry sectors (coatings, composites, building products/construction, and energy storage). Conductive concrete falls within the building products/construction sector.

Thermally conductive concrete is a growing market which has potential to be an early adopter of graphene enhanced products. Applications include thermal transfer materials for underground power transmission cables, domestic heating, road and bridge snow melting and tarmac de-icing.

  • Independent testing program shows significant increases in concrete thermal conductivity using a blend of Talga graphene and primary ore
  • 30% improvement over market leading thermal concrete product – excellent free flowing properties
  • Prototype results support Talga’s commercialisation strategy in the building and construction sector
  • Partnering discussions underway with global manufacturers in concrete additives market (current size some $17 billion/year
  • Presents opportunity for 100% ore utilisation at Talga’s graphite operation in Northern Sweden.