Whitmore launches satellite lubrication room for industrial sites

Whitmore, a CSW Industrials Company and leading innovator of products and services which increase the reliability, productivity, and lifespan of industrial assets, including mines, has brought to market the Satellite Lube Room, a full-featured “go anywhere” storage solution.

“OilSafe has always been about streamlining storage and handling of lubricants in a way that is simple, clean, and efficient. But the demanding environments of many industrial sites can wreak havoc on equipment and lubricants if it isn’t housed well. Instead of forcing operators to bring the machine to the lube station, this product brings a lube room closer to the machine,” said Steve Anderson, Product Development Director at Whitmore.

The Satellite Lube Room supports all the essential features of an OilSafe lubrication setup and packages them into a fully self-contained, regulation compliant structure that can be loaded (in its 20 ft configuration) onto a flatbed tow truck and moved easily with a forklift (both 20 ft and 40 ft models).

Doug Reid, VP of Product Development describes the new lube rooms as, “A serious operational upgrade for clients struggling to find a lubrication storage option that is both robust and flexible enough to take into the field on a permanent basis.”

Whitmore offers several different types of lubricants to serve the many needs of the mining industry. These include multi-service lubricants, open gear lubricants, extreme pressure lubricants, enclosed gear oils, propel machinery lubricants and wire rope lubricants.