Moose River gold mine on target for commissioning in September, 2017

Atlantic Gold Corp reports on construction progress for its Moose River Consolidated mine (MRC mine), one of Canada’s next open pit gold mines. “Construction remains on budget and on schedule with commissioning scheduled for September 2017. Overall completion reached 70% at the end of May. MRC comprises the Touquoy and the Beaver Dam gold deposits.

The Touquoy gold project is located at the former village of Moose River Gold Mines about 70 minutes’ drive via 110 km of sealed roads north-east of Halifax.

The deposits are being developed as conventional surface open pit mining operations with drill/blast/load/haul activities using a leased production fleet operated by company employees. Initial production commences at Touquoy where the relatively low strip ratio and short haul to external waste dumps translates to a smaller production fleet, minimizing production costs in the process.

Beaver Dam, as a satellite operation, will require minimal infrastructure to supply basic office facilities and equipment maintenance requirements. The mining fleet at Touquoy will be transitioned to Beaver Dam and expanded due to the higher rate of material movement. Ore will be crushed at a location adjacent to the Beaver Dam pit near Highway 224 and then loaded onto highway trucks which will transport it along a combination of private logging and public roads to the Touquoy processing facility.