BTI and Aramine – a new partnership

Aramine and BTI have established a partnership for the distribution of rockbreaker systems, rockbreaker attachments and demolition tools in northwest Africa, Saudi Arabia and other key markets. “We are very glad to distribute BTI. In business for almost 60 years, they have a strong experience and high performances, that is why we trust their products.” Said Xavier Domenach, Aramine Equipment Sales Director.

The French company is continually widening its range of products, mainly through the selection of new recognized manufacturers to distribute. Distribution is an important activity for Aramine, confirmed by this new partnership with the well-known Canadian manufacturer. However, Aramine always ensures that the brands and/or products distributed are complementary and not competitive.

“BTI has had a long, respectful relationship with Aramine even extending back in the Teledyne days,” says Terry McKague, Director of Sales for Breaker Technology.  “Aramine is a well- run company and they are well liked in the industry. Aramine is the type of company that BTI works well with. We are very excited to get a business agreement and have them represent BTI’s product line in the continent of Africa.”

Aramine is now an official distributor of the BTI offerings through its different organizations. Adding another brand to its product line, the French firm is glad to bring new skills and a new expertise in mining and demolition to its customers.