Implementation of the CSR policy framing New AREVA’s mining activities

With safety a focus of the October issue of International Mining, it is interesting that New AREVA has taken another step forward with the implementation of its CSR policy, in line with the socially responsible mining ethos embraced over recent years. Developed in consultation with mining disciplines across the board, the new policy defines a set of common action principles which are: anticipate and mitigate risk, take account of each situation on the ground, be compliant, engage in dialogue, act with ethics and transparency.

New AREVA’s overarching priorities are managing risks and occupational health and safety. In 2017, its mining business launched an ambitious three-year training program for operators and managers in the field to strengthen the occupational safety culture of the teams on the ground.

The prioritization of CSR actions is guided by actively listening to stakeholders in France and in the host countries. To make the dialogue and consultation process more effective, a two-year update project has been launched to give the company a clear stakeholder map. This was completed in 2016 for Canada and Namibia. This work is continuing in France, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Details of all these advances since 2016 are available in the new edition of the CSR report on New AREVA’s mining activities, prepared in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative – GRI 4 guidelines. The report is one of New AREVA’s commitments as a member of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM).

Alignment of group practices with ICMM’s responsible commitments is systematically verified by an independent third party. For 2016, audits have been conducted at the headquarters of New AREVA’s mining operations and at two sites – at Bessines in France and in Kazakhstan – with very positive results.