Try two heavy equipment training lessons – at no cost

December sees IM’s annual review of training and simulators – if you wish to contribute to this article, please contact [email protected]; news of successful and/or new programs, new ideas in training and new technologies.

VISTA Training is just one of the many important suppliers in the field. A step up from watching a video online – it says its “e-learning training programs are instructionally designed and include tests to verify real learning has taken place.”

The company has built a library of about 20 heavy equipment training programs that are ideal for new hire and remedial/refresher operator training. Called the Silver Series, these one to two hour training programs cover components, pre-use inspection, principles of operation and safety issues.

These online programs provide a solid foundation of equipment and safety knowledge that you can build upon with your existing hands-on, on-the-job training.

Silver Series training programs are delivered via the web so workers can view these programs on the job site, at home or even before they are hired. A printable certificate including trainee name and final test score is stored online.