Triple funding success for Talga Resources and partners

Talga Resources’ wholly owned UK subsidiary, Talga Technologies Ltd has been successful in three funding applications under the UK Government Faraday Challenge battery development initiative that seeks to develop:

1. Sodium-ion batteries

2. Safer high voltage Lithium-ion batteries

3. Scaled up high performance battery materials and UK supply chain.

Talga’s consortia partners include global automotive and battery material companies, along with leading universities on battery technology. Some A$5.1 million in grants has been awarded to consortia group, with up to about A$1.0 million rebatable against Talga expenditure. This funding accelerates battery material developments currently underway at Talga Technologies Ltd (UK) and increases commercialisation opportunities

Faraday represents a £246 million UK Government funding initiative for battery research, development and scale up of facilities to help create a new supply chain for battery production in the UK at scale.

This follows a commitment by the UK Government to place a ban on new petrol and diesel engines by 2040, driving the need for cost-effective, high performance, safe, low weight, and recyclable batteries to power the next generation of electric vehicles.

The diagram shows Talga’s successful Faraday Battery Challenge programs and partners.

The money has been awarded to support the following three R&D projects:

1. Safe High Voltage EV battery materials – led by Talga together with Johnson Matthey, Cambridge University and TWI

2. Sodium-ion batteries for automotive power applications – led by Faradion together with Talga, Jaguar Land Rover, Warwick Manufacturing Group (“WMG”) and Croda

3. Supply Chain Accelerator for Li-ion Electrode materials in UK – led by Talga together with PV3 and WMG.

Talga Resources is a technology minerals company enabling stronger, lighter and more functional graphene and graphite enhanced products for the multi-billion dollar global coatings, battery, construction and carbon composites markets. Talga has significant advantages owing to its 100% owned unique high grade conductive graphite deposits in Sweden, a test processing facility in Germany and in-house product development and technology. Advanced product testing is underway with a range of international corporations including industrial conglomerate Chemetall (part of BASF), Heidelberg Cement, Tata Steel, Haydale, Zinergy and Jena Batteries.