XCMG hails success with core mining components in Australia

A hydraulic cylinder for large-tonnage excavators developed by XCMG Hydraulics Co Ltd has reported 9,500 continuous working hours in Pilbara Region, Australia, breaking what China’s XCMG says is the previous 5,000-hour record “with its outstanding performance under a range of conditions.”

“Until recently, Chinese construction machinery components were absent from the mining powerhouse of Western Australia,” said Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG. “We’ve strived to master core component technologies to give our products major advantages in the market. Our hydraulic cylinders have come to lead the industry with excellent quality that tops other international brands.”

“XCMG’s core component sector is fully-equipped to provide integrated hydraulics and transmission system solutions to meet clients’ needs. We will focus on strengthening our R&D to break new ground in more areas including new material applications and quality assurance to challenge the best of the best,” Wang said.

“XCMG Hydraulics’s extensive product line now provides whole solution sets to a wide range of heavy machinery that have proven to be flexible and reliable. The oil cylinder for large-tonnage cranes is also a dominant product from XCMG Hydraulics. Its self-developed, four-cylinder synchronous linkage locking technology is the record-holder for Asia’s largest-tonnage component.”

“XCMG Hydraulics has also achieved small-batch, customised manufacturing through reforms and upgrades, shortening the production-delivery cycle from six months to four weeks while guaranteeing consistent quality and improved stability by 50%”

Driven by innovation, XCMG says it has delivered consistent results in core component research and development. XCMG Drivetrain, the subsidiary specialising in developing components including transmissions, torque converters and transfer cases, has self-developed and manufactured the MYF series electric control panel and WA series wet drive axle, which it says are the only high-end transmission products widely adopted and validated by the market in China.