Anglo American outlines its ambitious Sustainability Strategy

Anglo American has today launched its Sustainability Strategy, outlining an ambitious and innovative approach to three major areas of sustainability – the environment, community development, and driving greater trust and transparency across the mining industry – including specific stretch goals to be delivered between now and 2030.

Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive of Anglo American, said: “Our metals and minerals are the precious ingredients that enable and celebrate so many aspects of our modern lives. But our role in today’s world is far greater than simply as a supplier of physical products. If Anglo American is to play its part in creating a sustainable future for the world and improving the lives of all of us who live here, then we must be prepared to challenge our business and ourselves, by re-imagining mining.”

Anglo American’s Sustainability Strategy is part of FutureSmart Mining™ the company’s innovation-led approach to sustainable mining. “It is the blueprint for the future of the business. A future in which all mines will be safer, more sustainable and efficient, and better harmonised with the needs of their host communities.”

“This innovative strategy has been developed following a robust consultation process with the employees and a wide array of external stakeholders and is in alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The strategy is holistic and comprises mutually reinforcing elements that together are expected to positively transform how the stakeholders experience the business. Yet it is flexible enough to make it relevant to individual operating sites and local people.”

The strategy is focused on three global sustainability pillars – Healthy Environment, Thriving Communities, and Trusted Corporate Leader – each encompassing three global stretch goals. “These goals relate to Anglo American as a whole, at an aggregate level. They are deliberately ambitious, they will challenge our business to innovate and change, and we are mobilising our people and resources to deliver them by 2030.”

The goals include:

• Creating five jobs off-site for every job on-site in host communities;
• Working with government to ensure every school in host communities performs amongst the top 20% of state schools in the country;
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30%;
• Improving energy efficiency by 30%; and
• Reducing freshwater abstraction by 50% in water-scarce regions.

“Delivering on these commitments will transform the way Anglo American does business. Keeping our people and the environment safe, supporting excellent education, and using our unique approach of collaborative regional development to further enhance our ability to provide truly sustainable benefits for our host communities present a different picture of the future of mining.”

“The financial benefits to our business by 2030 are expected to be significant, including from substantially reduced energy and water costs. At the same time, we expect our innovative approach and the technologies we are developing to open up new mineral resource opportunities for us over the medium term”, added Mark Cutifani.

Anglo American’s Sustainability Strategy was launched this afternoon to an audience of socially responsible investors as part of the company’s presentation of its 2017 sustainability performance. Anglo American’s 2017 Sustainability Report and Annual Report are available at the company’s website.