MGX Minerals’ successful commissioning of Alberta oilsands wastewater treatment system

MGX Minerals Inc and engineering partner PurLucid Treatment Solutions report successful commissioning results from their commercial-scale 5 m3 per hour (750 barrel per day) NFLi-5 advanced wastewater treatment system. The system is currently operating and under contract with an oilsands SAGD operator to process evaporator blowdown water (EBD). The study focused on a 3-week operational period in December 2018 as preparation for an additional in-line deployment of a new 10 m3 per hour (1,500 bpd), which is now underway.

In addition to generating approximately C$30,000 in revenue for the company during the study period, the system was highly successful in achieving all treatment chemical key performance indicators. Most notable were treatment outcomes, which included removal of silica, calcium and magnesium totaling 99.7%, 88% and 72%, respectively. Additionally, total suspended solids in the treated product were non-detectable, effectively creating a clean water by-product for reuse. Hourly throughput during the commissioning phase was also reported as stable and optimisation of control systems were successful in maintaining flow balance, overcoming any concerns of outdoor operations in cold weather conditions.