RPMGlobal to provide cloud-based offering for mining software solutions

RPMGlobal has announced that several of its enterprise software solutions will now be available with a “cloud-hosted offering”.

RPM CEO and Managing Director, Richard Mathews, said moving its software solutions to the ‘cloud’ had always been a goal of the company. “However, we knew that to accomplish this we had to re-architect our suite of software products to enable us to offer this alternative method of delivery to our customers.

“Six years of development later and all the pieces are now in place for RPM to offer our solutions to customers through a hosted offering using a dedicated cloud delivery team as evidenced by our recent sale of a cloud-based solution to a North American customer.”

RPM’s products, which include software for mine design & reserving, mine enterprise planning, mine planning & scheduling, mining simulation, mining financial budgeting, mine operation, and mine, asset & equipment maintenance, have traditionally been deployed by its customers at their mine sites or corporate offices on desktops or servers.

“This approach meant there were some inherent restrictions with respect to accessing the software including the reliability, accessibility and speed of private network connections as well as hardware performance limiting the solutions true capabilities,” RPMGlobal said.

RPM’s cloud hosting solution enables users to access RPM software products, applications, solutions and their associated data from anywhere, anytime from inside a safe, secure and high-performance computing environment, according to the company.

Mathews said: “Whilst we can now offer our customers a cloud-based solution, we will also continue to offer our traditional delivery approaches. This is just another example of how our Intelligent Mining software suite of products gives miners, mining contractors and original equipment manufacturers around the world new, improved and high performing user experience options.

“Every company has different policies and visions for their computing environment, so a one-size-fits-all approach never works. There are certainly companies that want to make the transition to the cloud environment and RPM is ready to support them in this endeavour.”

Mathews concluded: “A successful cloud offering requires us to work closely with our customers and, to that end, we have established a separate team who are tasked with ensuring our customers make a smooth transition to the cloud.

“Our goal is to ensure these customers see quantifiable benefits from RPM’s previous investment made in ‘enterprising’ our products and the obvious flow-on benefits from operating in the ‘cloud’.

There is no doubt that providing software delivery via the Cloud enhances our customer’s businesses whilst improving our ability to service them through better availability, upgradeability and system up-time.”