sensemetrics & i-IoT Solutions partner to extend safety solutions to Latin American miners

sensemetrics, the Industrial IoT (IIoT) company that transforms sensor data into real-time situational awareness, active risk management and safety solutions and i-IoT Solutions have announced that they have entered into a partnership agreement under sensemetrics Global Strategic Alliance Member Program. Under the agreement, i-IoT Solutions will be offering the sensemetrics end-to-end solution to industries such as mining, dams, construction and transportation initially in Brazil, Mexico and Peru.

“We are excited to join the sensemetrics Alliance program. With the proven sensemetrics platform, were now able to provide our customers in Latin America a much needed market ready, real-time data automation solution which can be deployed in a matter of hours,” says Hlio Samora, Managing Director of i-IoT Solutions. “Adopting sensemetrics technology will increase mining, dam and infrastructure compliance and safety needs immediately while also attaining a fast ROI,” Samora continues.

sensemetrics delivers a plug-and-play, end-to-end solution which provides complete sensor data capture, standardisation and real-time data visualisation and intelligence. Differentiated by a true cloud design and API-driven architecture, the platform reduces the cost and complexity of introducing IoT strategies into industrial environments by removing the need for lengthy installation, significant services and customisation spend. As a direct result, organisations realise time to value instantly.

“Recent tragic events in Brazil have highlighted an urgent need to increase real-time safety monitoring solutions for mining, dams and bridges. Only a true cloud-based IIoT offering can help prevent additional disasters by allowing rapid deployment of large scale and complex geotechnical monitoring solutions across multiple geographic sites,” says Matt Meehan, CEO of sensemetrics. “We are proud to partner with i-IoT Solutions — who has extensive domain and regional knowledge – allowing us to extend the reach of the sensemetrics platform into important markets where active risk management and safety solutions are at the top of the agenda.”