Four new electric drive 90 t BELAZ trucks for Nornickel Bystrinsky

Four new BELAZ-75581 haul trucks with the carrying capacity of 90 t have been added to the rolling fleet of the Bystrinsky mining and processing factory, representatives of the Belarusian automobile engineering company BELAZ told news agency BelTA. IM understands that these are electric drive trucks; BELAZ is one of only a handful of OEMs to produce electric drive trucks in this class. The drives are the Russian made Electrosila brand type by Power Machines. Bystrinsky is part of Norilsk Nickel and produces gold, iron and copper.

The BelTA article says The new vehicles will get down to work in late July 2019. “Four haul trucks are supposed to carry over 600,000 m3 of mined rock by the end of the year. BELAZ representatives noted that it is the second shipment of BELAZ-75581 haul trucks to the Bystrinsky mining and processing factory. The first lot of ten trucks was delivered in 2017. The Russian company thinks highly of the effectiveness of the Belarusian vehicles. Haul trucks are used to carry mined rock from open pits and the whole ore buffer store to the primary breaking site. They also carry overburden rock to spoil heaps. The Russian company decided to acquire additional vehicles after reaching the designed ore extraction and processing parameters.”

The new haul trucks were made to the customer’s technical requirements and are fit to work in complicated climatic conditions of the Zabaikalye Territory where air temperatures vary greatly over the course of one day and one year with short transitions in between. Specialists of OOO BelTransLogistic, BELAZ’s official representative in Russia, provide aftersales service to the haul trucks on site. Source: