DuPont’s MECS sulphuric acid tech to be used at NioCorp’s Superalloy Materials project

DuPont Clean Technologies has announced that NioCorp Developments Ltd has selected its MECS® sulphuric acid technology for its Superalloy Materials Project in southeast Nebraska. The MECS sulphuric acid plant will be designed to maximise energy recovery and emissions control to ensure best-in-class environmental performance.

NioCorp has already obtained the major federal permits needed for construction of the Elk Creek Project according to CEO Executive Chair of NioCorp, Mark A. Smith. The three elements NioCorp plans to produce at Elk Creek, namely niobium/scandium/titanium in the form of ferroniobium, scandium trioxide and titanium dioxide are all considered “critical” by the US government. As such, the project is one of the few new mines to have reached the funding and construction stage in the US.

“We are pleased to partner with NioCorp on this important project,” says Eli Ben-Shoshan, President, DuPont Clean Technologies. “We have extensive experience providing world-leading sulphuric acid technologies and ongoing support to mining companies around the globe. Emissions control is a fundamental part of what we do, so we are delighted to assist NioCorp in achieving its environmental goals.”

The Clean Technologies division DuPont says is a global leader in process technology licensing and engineering, offering MECS critical process equipment, products and services to minimise emissions for the sulphuric acid industry. “DuPont Clean Technologies brings over 90 years of expertise to best-in-class sulphuric acid plant engineering, processes, energy recovery and environmental technologies, as well as providing specialty products and services to a wide range of industries.”