Descartes Labs brings AI to minex with its Advanced Mineral Exploration Package

Descartes Labs, a New Mexico-based geospatial analytics company, has announced the availability of its Advanced Mineral Exploration Package, a specialised data platform and modelling workbench for exploration geology and data science teams to access remote sensing and machine learning capabilities globally. The Advanced Mineral Exploration Package lets clients integrate in-house data with the platform, giving them access to the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in the industry.

Descartes Labs says it provides the only platform that combines NASA’s Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) global data set with the massive supercomputing resources required to fully leverage it for mineral deposit targeting. The Advanced Mineral Exploration Package provides comprehensive coverage for mineral mapping on a global scale, facilitating new discoveries and accelerating mineral exploration timelines.

The platform also includes the most comprehensive ‘bare earth mosaic’, which selects the pixel at every location with the clearest atmospheric conditions by masking out vegetation, water, snow, ice and clouds. This provides optimum mapping capability for each imagery product.

“The Descartes Labs Advanced Mineral Exploration Package represents a major breakthrough for the mining industry. For the first time, geoscientists and data science teams can easily access the cleanest available data set for multispectral data anywhere on the planet,” said Phil Fraher, CEO of Descartes Labs. “The platform helps mining companies dramatically increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the mineral exploration life-cycle; it’s the perfect ‘basemap’ data set to kickstart any exploration project, for any commodity.”

The Descartes Labs Platform combines a highly scalable processing and modeling platform with a multi-petabyte library of public and private data for building predictive models. The platform exposes three primary components that work in tandem to accelerate productivity across the mining lifecycle:

Data Refinery
The data refinery offers a wide array of multispectral data sets and pre-built machine learning models as well as petabytes of analysis-ready geospatial data with the ability to ingest, clean, calibrate, and benefit from any internal or third party data source.

The workbench is a cloud-based data science environment that combines Descartes Labs Platform APIs, visualisation tools, and sample models inside a hosted JupyterLab interface. For mineral exploration specifically, geoscientists can combine the Descartes Labs data catalog along with their own data sets, no matter how large.

Exploration teams have the ability to rapidly deploy models and applications to produce valuable insights and generate ROI across multiple use cases. As part of this package, Descartes Labs is introducing pre-configured brownfield and greenfield data science notebooks for mineral exploration. These notebooks provide a fast and easy way for geoscience teams to get started with petabytes of data, allowing clients to integrate their private data collections in an extensible manner.