FLSmidth introduces radial launder and froth crowder system for flotation upgrades

As part of its range of froth recovery upgrade solutions which also include actuators and level sensors, FLSmidth has introduced a radial launder and froth crowder system which it says represents a small shift in recovery but one that means millions of dollars towards the bottom line.

It allows the improvement of separation efficiency to maximise economic gains by shifting the grade recovery curve by allowing either deeper froth or faster froth removal. Designed for greater flexibility and control, radial froth crowders reduce top-of-froth surface area and increase froth movement to the nearest radial launder. Bolt-on froth crowders require no cutting or welding and there are no permanent structural changes to your cell; modifications are easily reversed. Installation is done in eight hours during scheduled downtime.

Better control of the froth level also means a better reaction to feed fluctuation and lower amounts of reagents to reduce costs. It is possible to deliver the grade requirement more easily with a cleaner product; while you are getting more product because of higher recovery. The company concludes: “When you choose froth recovery upgrades through FLSmidth, your risk is low and your payback is fast. No other option delivers the same level of simplicity and value.”