Matrix adds functionality to IntelliZone® proximity detection & grows global sales

Newburgh, Indiana-headquartered Matrix Design Group, LLC still has the top-selling proximity detection system (PDS) technology in coal mines in the US. But now IECEx approved, the company says IntelliZone is increasingly being sold around the world, particularly into markets such as South Africa and Australia.

In 2020, Matrix also introduced four new accessories for IntelliZone:

  • In-Cab Directional Display Screen for Mobile Haulage Equipment – Provides mobile equipment operator with an in-cab visual alert when an IntelliZone locator enters a safety alert zone. Indicates RED ZONE or YELLOW ZONE activity. This screen also provides a quick visual status report on IntelliZone system drivers and locators.
  • Diagnostic Status Screen for Continuous Miners – Provides a quick visual status report on a  continuous miner’s IntelliZone system divers and locators. It’s easy to diagnose the system without Faceboss, no underground laptop is required, and it decreases time to troubleshoot the system.
  • Long Range Driver – Creates extended, shaped Caution and Shutdown Zones based on the mobile equipment’s travel speed. Designed for high-speed equipment, such as mobile haulage. As speed is increased, the system automatically extends the zones to provide an increased stop zone in the case of a worker breach.
  • Machine Mounted Locator (MML) – Provides crucial diagnostic and positional feedback when mounted on articulating or standard mobile equipment. The Matrix MML enhances the system’s diagnostic capabilities and is used to create zones that move in sync with articulating equipment. MML comes standard on new IntelliZone systems and is easy to add on existing systems.

The Matrix IntelliZone proximity detection system allows users to create shaped, customised Caution, Shutdown and Operator Zones around all mobile equipment. IntelliZone technology detects workers in low-visibility or obscured line-of-sight locations. Zones automatically extend or contract based on mobile equipment speed. Unlike bubble-zone systems, IntelliZone’s patented shaped zone technology minimizes nuisance alerts without impacting production.