SHYFTinc introduces the RenixUIX™ to meet water treatment demands of the global mining industry

SHYFTinc says it is introducing RenixUIX™ technology from London, Ontario-based Renix Inc to meet water treatment demands of the global mining industry. SHYFTinc is a value-added reseller of technologies for the global mining industry, and is not new to the role with other products such as ADMMIT SmartModule, and CLEIR-SaniCube. RenixUIX™ will join its green products portfolio which include NRG1-ECO and HyloEnviro.

Renix’s steady-state ion exchange technology, RenixUIX™ SHYFTinc argues is a logical next product line as it expands its offerings for the mining industry. “Mining companies are invested in finding solutions to address risks from water, in terms of reducing the amount of water used in processes and in eliminating or reducing risks associated with high volume water storage. We witnessed RenixUIX™ capabilities in the field and knew it would be a good fit for the mining industry” says Tyler Samson, President at SHYFTinc.

RenixUIX™ is described as a leap forward when compared to traditional ion exchange systems. “Our unique approach to controlling the use of resin and flow of liquids allows us to maximise the efficient use of the resin with steady-state operating conditions. 60% less operating cost and over 90% water recovery are numbers that turn heads in an industry that continues to improve its sustainability practices,” says Christine Haas, President and Founder of Renix.

SHYFTinc has a proven and scalable process for evaluating the applicability of the RenixUIX™ to a variety of water management challenges – from metal recovery or salt reduction to enable water reuse, to water quality at tailings outputs. “Our customers are able to provide current liquid properties and we can quickly evaluate the requirements of the application, scale of the deployment and budget for an installation,” comments Samson.

“We can help our customers recycle their process water, reduce the amount of fresh water they need and limit water discharge; that helps us all sleep good.” says Haas. “SHYFTinc is the right partner for us to bring RenixUIX™ to market and we are looking forward to the journey ahead.”