BELAZ celebrates 500th 7558 series 90 t mining truck plus finalises new wheel loader

BELAZ recently reached a major milestone when its 500th 90 t 7558 mining dump truck was assembled. Mining dump trucks of this particular series made history as the world’s first dump trucks with a payload capacity of 90 t equipped with an electromechanical AC transmission. Today, the BELAZ-7558 series dump trucks is represented by 10 different models, with different engine and electric drive options. In addition the truck was the base machine for the all battery powered prototype, the 7558E, which is still at the test phase in Zhodino.

The company states: “Active work is underway to further expand the promising model range of mining dump trucks of this series by introducing new technical solutions and equipment in accordance with the consumer requirements, including a number of different options and specialised systems that make the operation of these trucks even more simple and convenient. BELAZ-7558 series is also a platform for next-generation trucks such as autonomous and battery-powered dump trucks.”

Robotic 7558Rbot trucks are part of an ongoing unmanned equipment project at the Sitnitskoye mine of Granit enterprise in Luninets District, Belarus. BELAZ has provided equipment and infrastructure, Granit the test minesite, VIST Mining Technology robotic and remote-operated technology and SOOO Belarusian Cloud Technologies a 5G beCloud wireless network. The project was launched on 30 July 2020. For the operation of the future quarry a modern mobile operations control centre was built, communications and electrical equipment was installed and 48 masts connected by more than 4 km of cables were erected. There are also three masts for 5G equipment needed for the operation of the quarry complex. Head-end, supporting and data transmission equipment was tested. A video surveillance system is also being used. The 7558Rbot trucks are being loaded by a remotely operated BELAZ-7825D wheel loader.

Aside from the safety benefits, it is expected that unmanned mining technologies will help increase the mining productivity at the Granit site by 30%, raise availability through reduction of idle time and reduce equipment maintenance through optimal operation.

The next stage of factory testing at Zhodino of a new wheel loader – the BELAZ-78241 with a bucket capacity of 6.6 m3  – was also recently completed. Over time, this vehicle will replace the front-end loaders of BELAZ-7822 series, which have been in production since 1997. The design of the loader features original layout solutions to improve the main performance indicators. Easy access to the main service points is implemented. The loader is powered with 575 hp diesel engine.

A new hydromechanical transmission featuring four forward and four reverse gears was applied. The diagnostic and protection system is implemented to monitor the status of the hydromechanical transmission. The option is designed to diagnose the operation of the transmission, detect critical errors and display information about the failures on the monitor in the operator’s cab. “The cab is designed for the most convenient operation. The large glazing area provides excellent visibility. The ROPS and FOPS safety systems are seamlessly integrated into the cab design. The loader’s working equipment is controlled using joysticks and integrated with the automatic positioning system, which provides raising of the bucket to a pre-programmed height and lowering into the ground cutting position to facilitate the operator’s work.”

The information from the installed weighing system is also displayed on the electronic panel along with other important data on the operation of the front-end loader and its systems. The BELAZ-78241 is designed to operate with mining trucks with payload capacity of up to 60 t. Today BELAZ can offer loading tools to match its dump trucks with payload capacity from 30 to 90 t.