GpsGate fleet management software a key component in Wabtec’s safe mining systems

On mining sites, personnel and light vehicles are sharing ever-changing mine routes with large haul trucks and other heavy mobile equipment. The haul trucks can be up to 8 m tall, over 625 t fully loaded, operate at speeds up to 61 km/h – and cost more than $6 million each. Any accident can mean significant damages, potential fatalities, and a very costly stop in production. Wabtec uses GpsGate’s fleet management software integrated with in-vehicle and personnel proximity detection technology and mine site controls to ensure safety for all workers and equipment meaning accidents can be detected and prevented before they happen.

“GpsGate’s platform uniquely meets our stringent requirements. They have the systems integrations, security, and customization that we need from our partners. GpsGate is a key component in our safe mining system,” says Henro Van Wyk, Vice President and General Manager Digital Mine. To keep thousands of mine workers safe, real-time proximity and geofence rules-based alerts generated during mining operations can be directed by GpsGate to alert mine operations about any areas of concern for actionable insights. Detailed fleet data analysis using GpsGate’s platform lets Wabtec improve traffic management compliance and vehicle interaction safety to improve mine safety into the future. “Accidents can’t happen in mining. GpsGate’s flexible and extensible platform provides Wabtec a bespoke system to improve vehicle interaction safety when integrated with existing mine site controls.”