Liebherr Indonesia’s reman capabilities helping mines get back up and running

PT Liebherr Indonesia Perkasa was established on the Indonesian island of Borneo in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan in February 1997. Since then, Liebherr Indonesia has provided local representation for the Liebherr Group and its mining product portfolio. Liebherr Indonesia focuses on the distribution and service of hydraulic excavators, dozers, and off-highway trucks, and provides a range of other services such as component remanufacturing and key component production.

Liebherr Indonesia established its remanufacturing business in its early days in 1997. The strategy behind local remanufacturing was to improve and extend the proposed services for customers after an equipment sale. Liebherr Indonesia’s remanufacturing program enables splitter box rebuilds and cylinder resealing services. These tasks are supported by the locally trained and experienced technicians under the supervision of General Manager of Operations Graeme Dalzell, Maintenance Advisor Carter Byron, and Remanufacturing Supervisor Rudi Hartono.

Although Indonesia was hit hard by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the latest commodity price surge has driven the demand for locally remanufactured components to assist with the re-commissioning of previously parked equipment, enabling an increase in mine’s production targets.

However, the pandemic introduced its own new set of challenges for the company. International parts supply chain interruption has had a detrimental effect on Liebherr Indonesia’s remanufacturing capabilities, as the availability of required parts is not consistency with pre-pandemic levels. Furthermore, the work force reduction due to local government regulations, limiting the total numbers of staff permitted in the facilities to 25%, has also had its impact. To face the new situation, a shift in mindset was necessary, as Graeme Dalzell explains.

“It is our priority to plan the component changes, and review parts requirements and stock levels,” said Dalzell. “We assign labour to components for which all required parts are available, or their delivery is imminent.”

Another strategy that has been implemented by Liebherr Indonesia during the pandemic is to increase preventive component exchange, by aligning with the component’s given service life. Oil analysis reports, and monitoring for abnormal wear in the system that has an adverse effect on component life, is also important. This strategy decreases the risk of failures that may require the replacement of additional components not normally necessary to be changed. This benefits both the customer and Liebherr’s parts planning process.

Fortunately, with the availability of professional local technicians, the post-pandemic work performance has been maintained to the pre-pandemic levels. All health, safety, and environment measures continue to be implemented to ensure Liebherr Indonesia technicians’ wellbeing.

The Liebherr Group holds strong family values which are also shared by Liebherr Indonesia. Liebherr Indonesia works and interacts as a family, taking care of each other no matter how difficult circumstances. Liebherr Indonesia’s Remanufacturing Supervisor, Rudi Hartono, shared his story about his many years with the company.

“I have experienced so many things, but this pandemic will be one of the most memorable stories. It is very challenging to work with limited manpower and working-hours while trying to deliver the best support for the customers and maintain our wellbeing at the same time.” Hartono further added: “I am glad to have a reliable team and thanks to everyone involved, we are able to maintain a great result and fulfil the customers’ needs.”

Liebherr Indonesia’s Managing Director Christian Bombenger added: “Remanufacturing is a key activity and a necessity to support our business and our customers by providing the highest quality products and services. To achieve the highest quality, Liebherr Indonesia strictly adheres to the Liebherr Mining Remanufacturing guidelines and processes, as well as the ongoing and tailored training programs for the workshop technicians.”

Liebherr Indonesia says it consistently strives to provide a pleasant and safe working environment for all employees, especially during the pandemic, in order to maintain good performance standards and achieve outstanding deliverables for customers. “While the situation is certainly challenging, nothing is impossible for Liebherr Indonesia and its dedicated workforce.”