Devico says DeviDrill RSS represents a “new dawn” in hard rock directional drilling

Devico is the inventor and leading worldwide provider of directional core drilling (DCD), with its DeviDrill steerable wireline core barrel. In addition to directional drilling technology it also produces state-of-the-art borehole surveying products for downhole navigation, core orientation, drill rig alignment and QA/QC data management.

After extensive development and a thorough trial period Devico has just announced the release of its latest innovation, the DeviDrill RSS (Rotary Steerable System). Building on the advanced directional drilling technology it is known for, this new one-of-a-kind directional drilling tool it says “sets a new standard for reliability and productivity.”

DeviDrill RSS boasts the same proven capabilities of the DeviDrill, but with a further range of innovative and patented solutions, in a shorter more compact solution that has up to five times the penetration rate. It helps ease operation and secure stable and high production in both hard and compact to fractured rock formations.

Integrated in the DeviDrill RSS is the DeviGyro, controlling the orientation, inclination, and direction as the DeviDrill RSS steers the hole towards the target. When drilling to deep exploration targets or requiring high accuracy this combination ensures that the targets are hit precisely in a time and cost-efficient manner.

In front of the DeviDrill RSS sits a full-face drill bit specially designed for long life continuous operation, making it especially suitable for achieving directional targets, particularly in broken ground, but also in most other applications. “Going on 35 years with over 500,000 Directional Core Drilling metres worldwide, the feedback from our clients is clear, they value our proven ability to steer their drill holes on target time and time again and most are less concerned about the core sample during steering.”

Key features include no locking pin, efficiency in all rock formations which is up to five times faster than directional core drilling. It has a continuous orientation capability with no muleshoe required with an integrated DeviGyro survey system. It offers long life & minimal maintenance requirements plus the directional drilling length is limited only by rig & rod string capacity.

Smooth curvature maximises dogleg capacity and it operates with a standard diamond drill rig, pump & N-size rod string. There are no reaming requirements plus low water consumption. Applications include mineral exploration, underground and surface diamond drilling, branch hole drilling programs (delineation, definition, resource drilling), deviation control, geotechnical investigation and pilot holes.