Metso Outotec bolsters mining pump capability in South America

Metso Outotec has opened a new pump assembly plant in Lima, Peru, responding to the increasing market demand for large pumps used in mining applications in South America, and, at the same time, reducing delivery times to its customers in the region.

Once fully operational, the plant will be able to deliver standard Metso Outotec pumps with competitive lead times to regional customers, the OEM says.

Freddy Carrion, Pump Operations Manager at the new plant, said: “Pumps are critical parts in the mining process and used in various applications, from grinding to tailings. The new state-of-the-art assembly plant in Peru is specifically customised for the production of large Planet Positive MD Series pumps, which are typically used in demanding grinding circuit applications.”

Kalle Sipilä, Vice President, Pumps at Metso Outotec, added: “We selected Lima in Peru as the location for the assembly plant to reduce lead times and transport-related COemissions. The plant is conveniently located close to the harbour and airport, enabling fast logistics to our end customers. Good availability and lead times are further enabled by a local supplier network, and we ensure high quality by having our own organisation carry out inspections. The new plant also has an expert proposal and engineering team to serve our customers.”

Metso Outotec has high sustainability targets for CO2 for its own operations and the supply chain. The target is net-zero CO2 emissions from the company’s own operations by 2030 and a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions from logistics by 2025.