SANY deploys five electric drive SET150 hybrid mining trucks at Tebinbulak iron project

As a leading global provider of construction and mining equipment, SANY says it is playing a pivotal role in the development of the Tebinbulak mining and metallurgical complex in the Karauzyak region of Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan. The complex, which spans an area of 5.2 square kilometres, is set to boost the nation’s steel and steel product capabilities while providing new employment opportunities and contributing to sustainable growth.

Upon completion, the Tebinbulak complex will have an impressive annual production capacity of 900,000 t of rebar, 225,000 t of wire, and 375,000 t of steel angles, channel bars, and other construction materials. This increase in production will significantly reduce the need for imports as well as contribute to the sustainable development of the industry. Furthermore, the complex is expected to provide employment for over 3,000 people and export 35% of its manufactured products.

With an estimated raw material reserve of 1 billion tons, the Tebinbulak field will be capable of mining 58 Mt of ore per year to produce 5 Mt/y of iron ore concentrate. Through the innovative use of technology and environmentally-friendly processes, the complex is poised to produce 1 Mt of rolled steel and vanadium slag annually.

SANY machines are actively contributing to the success of this project. To date, 21 pieces of SANY heavy machinery have been deployed to the site, including 12 SYZ320C dump trucks with a 25 t capacity for efficient material transportation, three SY980 excavators for large-scale excavation, one SY155 wheel excavator for versatile earthmoving tasks, and five SET150 large mining dump trucks, which were recently added to further bolster the development efforts. The trucks are being supplied to EPC contractor Enter Engineering, while the project owner is Triangul Metals Tebinbulak. The main downstream design work such as pellet and DRC plants is being carried out by specialists of UzLITI Engineering.

This model of truck is already operating in Uzbekistan at Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Company (AMMC)’s mining operations associated with the MOF-3 copper concentrating complex, also part of a partnership between Enter Engineering as EPC contractor and SANY as equipment supplier. The SET150 is a hybrid mining truck model which can be equipped with the Weichai WP17 or Deutz TCD 18.0 or Volvo Penta TAD 1643 engine depending on the market. The hybrid power system also includes a CRRC TEC electric drive system that includes a battery pack, developed together with SANY.

The Tebinbulak project has already completed several key stages, with laboratory and pilot tests completed for the extraction of enriched ore concentrate, granulation and reduction of iron using natural gas, steel production, and separation of vanadium slag from steel. In addition, comprehensive technological regulations have been developed to ensure optimal productivity, safety, and compliance with environmental protection requirements.

One of the standout features of the Tebinbulak project SANY says is the commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. The project utilises innovative technology that eliminates the need for blast-furnace processes, which are known for their adverse environmental impacts, such as air pollution and high energy consumption. Despite the low iron content in the ore, the project remains economically viable due to the extraction of vanadium slag as a high-value-added product, with an estimated payback period of just eight years.

SANY states: “As the project progresses, we eagerly anticipate strengthening our involvement on-site and taking a more prominent role in the ongoing transformation of Uzbekistan’s metallurgical sector. We remain committed to forging partnerships in future projects and collaborations, further emphasizing our dedication to providing environmentally sustainable machinery.”