NHL hails first all-domestic Chinese ultraclass mining truck

On July 12, the leading Chinese mining truck OEM Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co (NHL) and Chinese coal giant CHN Energy through its division Zhunneng Group held a delivery ceremony for a 300 ton class diesel-electric drive dump truck at the Haerwusu opencast coal mine.

The truck is unique is that it is the first large mining truck in China to be constructed mainly of Chinese-made components – including the engine, electric wheel motors and other major parts.

Zhang Jufu, Director of the Investment Planning Department of the Autonomous Region’s Office of Industry and Information Technology, Bai Guosheng, Deputy Director of the Baotou City Bureau of Industry and Information, Guo Haiquan, Deputy General Manager of NHL, Cao Yong, Deputy General Manager of Zhunneng Group, and other relevant personnel attended the delivery ceremony.

​NHL said that the delivery of the 300 ton ‘domestic mining dump truck’ is testament to the depth of cooperation between NHL and Zhunneng Group who are jointly promoting the benefits of localised construction, “breaking the dual monopoly of imported product technology and price,” and its advent also marks the breakthrough of high-powered diesel engines for mining heavy trucks in China.

It added that many the development of domestic core technologies such as electric drive systems has enhanced the comprehensive strength of China’s key basic components, basic materials, basic processes, industrial technologies and other aspects of mining trucks, which collectively is highly significant and an important milestone in the development history of electric wheel mining trucks in China.

This model is the first domestic large mining truck with independent intellectual property rights, which is equipped with a high speed diesel engine developed by domestic manufacturers and equipped with an engine intelligent supervisory control system. For the next step, NHL says it will continue to cooperate with Zhunneng Group to successfully trial the truck, continuously improve its performance, and build it into a mining truck with high reliability, high durability and higher quality.

At the ceremony, Zhang Yaobin, President of the Product Research Institute of NHL, delivered the truck’s symbolic “golden key” to Wang Jiming, Deputy Mining Director of Halwusu opencast coal mine. Zhang Jufu, Bai Guosheng, Cao Yong, Guo Haiquan and Wang Jiming together cut the ribbon for the truck.