Carola-Coemin grows Sandvik TH663i fleet in Chile

Sandvik Mining & Rock Solutions has announced the delivery of the latest 63 t class TH663i truck as part of an order for six units that was awarded last year by customer Grupo Minero Carola-Coemin in Chile.

The OEM says this truck stands out for its ability to raise sustainability, safety and technology indexes. “The award represents a growth in the fleet and confirms the commitment to our customer Grupo Minero Carola-Coemin. We look forward to further consolidating this relationship, which has been growing steadily in recent years.”

The Carola-Coemin Group is made up of 100% Chilean capital, and is dedicated to the extraction of minerals and production of copper, gold and silver concentrates. The ore is extracted from the Carola mine and subsequently processed at the Cerrillos plant, where the concentrate is produced which is then processed at the Hernán Videla L Smelter.

Carola is an underground deposit from which ore is extracted through sub level stoping with production carried out up to 50 m above sea level. All of the ore is processed at the Cerrillos plant, 11 km away from the main adit.

The Cerrillos plant is owned by Compañía Exploradora y Explotadora Minera Chileno Rumana and is located 30 km south of the city of Copiapó. It produces copper concentrates through a conventional flotation process. The ore comes from Carola mine and is mainly composed of chalcopyrite and other copper mineralisation. Within the production process, the operation of a state-of-the-art tailings thickener allows deposition of paste tailings instead of conventional tailings, recovering and reusing over 85% of the process water, in addition to providing greater physical and chemical stability to the mining process.

Underground mining will form one of two streams at the forthcoming Electric Mine 2025 conference being held May 13-15 at Centro Parque in Santiago, Chile. For more information see