Australia’s Gears Mining launches ‘world’s largest’ mill liner handler machine

With projects on every continent, Toowoomba, Queensland-based organisation Gears Mining, has announced the launch of what it says is the world’s largest liner handler machine. This new machine, with a record-breaking weighted capacity of 8,100 kg, it says is a significant advancement and positions Gears Mining at the forefront of the mining equipment industry.

Gears Mining added that the introduction of this innovative Liner Handler is expected to have a substantial impact on the Australian economy. This technology has provided over 100 jobs to the Toowoomba region and is projected to provide more into the future. “Our new Liner Handler is not just a step forward in technology; it’s a leap towards ensuring that our clients can achieve maximum productivity with minimal interruption,” said Ben Dunlop, Co-Director of Gears Mining.

As Gears Mining continues to grow and expand its services internationally, it says the launch of the world’s largest mill relining machine is just the beginning. “We are proud to contribute to the international mining industry, setting new benchmarks and helping to create jobs,” said Damon Frizzell, Co-Director of Gears Mining.

The design of the new Liner Handler Gears Mining it says reflects its commitment to reliability, ease of maintenance, and operator safety. With capacities ranging from 500 kg to an impressive 9,100 kg, Gears Mining says it ensures that its equipment meets the diverse needs of the mining industry. The new 8,100 kg model it adds is specifically optimised for high performance and efficiency, which is crucial for large-scale mining operations.

Gears Mining specialises in Liner Handler solutions and a wide range of mining equipment and services. “From rock breakers and liner handlers to comprehensive maintenance and training, Gears Mining ensures optimal plant efficiency and safety across Australian and international mining regions.”

Safety features of its Liner Handlers include Auto Setup Mode which allows the Liner Handler to automatically configure itself for installation in to the mill with the press of a button. This eliminates the risk to an operator from potential falling at heights hazard; plus it removes operator error and reduces the potential for machine damage as well as eliminates the use of potentially faulty pendants, other inefficient or unsafe methods of boom positioning.

Operator Seat Install Mode allows the Liner Handler to position itself to allow for safe installation of the operator seat. This minimises falling from heights risks associated with fatigue, poor lighting and poor judgement by MRM operators; and it removes manual handling issues associated with seat installation.

A CANBus system manages machine health, ensuring an optimal safe operating environment. It maximises the safety of the environment for operator by constantly monitoring all systems on the Liner Handler. It also reduces relining downtime with dual operator screens instantly showing fault codes. Gears Mining systems use rugged mobile fleet style IP68 rated electrical connectors throughout the electrical system to reduce potential failure points.

Finally, Pack up Mode is a quick and simple method of returning the machine to its parked/storage position. It reduces the requirement for the operator to climb over the machine to return the liner handler to its parked position and it eliminates the potential hazard of falling from heights. It also reduces the risk of operator error and the potential for machine damage.