Dyno Nobel highlights $58 million Drill to Mill value example at Copper to the World

Dyno Nobel’s premium explosives technology solutions and services have been on show this week at the Copper to the World conference in Adelaide, South Australia.

An industry leader in blasting technology, commercial explosives and blasting services, Dyno Nobel was the conference’s Innovation Partner and provided attendees with insights, including its Drill to Mill™ service offering.

Dyno Nobel’s Chief Technology Officer, Robert Rounsley, said: “Copper to the World is a great opportunity for us to provide our customers and potential customers with a greater understanding of the benefits our premium technology delivers.

“Our technology solutions put the customer at the centre and drive safety, sustainability and productivity benefits at their mine sites. This includes copper mines where our technology provides solutions to some of the challenges faced.”

Russell Lamont, Dyno Nobel Americas Senior Vice President, Retail Sales and Field Operations, provided the conference with a detailed look at Drill to Mill and the benefits being delivered to customers.

He said: “Drill to Mill sees our Dyno Nobel experts work with customers on a customised, operationally comprehensive mining solution to optimise blast design and explosive technology application. The result is significant value delivery in downstream processing circuits and reduced overall mining cost.”

He said the use of Drill to Mill at a major Dyno Nobel copper customer mine drove $58 million in value for the customer over one year by significantly increasing mill throughput.

Lamont said: “In this Drill to Mill example, our premium technology was used to achieve fragmentation and productivity goals in particularly difficult ore types. This included our DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY® (∆E) and DigiShot® Plus.4G technologies, implemented through a strong partnership with customer stakeholders and our world-leading DynoConsult technical expertise.”

DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY provides the ability to vary emulsion density from hole to hole as well as vertically within each individual blasthole so that explosive energy is targeted to where it is needed.

Copper to the World was held on June 18-19 at the Adelaide Convention Centre in South Australia.