Epiroc adds to 70 series raiseborers with automation ready Robbins 74 S

Epiroc’s new Robbins 74 S is the latest machine in its 70 series, which are the most popular models in the OEM’s raiseboring lineup. The Robbins 74 S is a mid-sized raiseboring machine, drilling holes up to 4.5 m in diameter and is reliable in a variety of applications. The machine has enhanced functionality, allowing for safer and more effortless operations while still retaining the same performance as its predecessor.

The Robbins 74 S is automation ready and is designed to minimise manual handling. With the semi-automatic drive head wrench, hydraulic cylinders, and Epiroc Rig Control System (RCS 5) as enablers for automation, users can increase productivity and operator safety. Additionally, thanks to RCS 5, more efficient, reliable, safe, and user-friendly operations can be enabled while reducing overall energy and maintenance costs.

To streamline drilling operations, improve customer service and training techniques, the Robbins 74 S is equipped with digital and automation tools. The Measure While Drilling (MWD) collects drilling data for evaluation and predictive analysis. My Epiroc enhances the customer experience and functionality through a modern interface and comprehensive fleet management, supported by various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Lastly, Virtual Reality technology enables general training and equipment walk-throughs of the raiseboring machine and drill site.

The Robbins 74 S focuses on enhancing the durability of main components and boosting operational efficiency. This raiseboring machine has a new swivel design equipped with wear sleeves to reduce the risk of bailing, wear and tear in high-risk areas and to simplify the assembly. Moreover, the improved drivetrain features a float box positioning indicator that increases control of the threading process through continuous monitoring. Thanks to this, the operator can improve accuracy and proper alignment, resulting in smoother borehole walls and increased durability of the equipment. The drivetrain is also equipped with a protective cover to shield the main machinery from dust, debris, and other physical impact that can cause wear and tear.

With its sturdy and high-quality design, Epiroc adds that the Robbins 74 S facilitates easy operations and maintenance. Standard functions in combination with new machine features, such as the automation ready pipe loader, semi-automatic drive head wrench, and the improved swivel and base plate design, make the machine more efficient. Standard functions include anti-jamming, auto make-up, and the gradual ramp-up of speed and torque.