Hexagon, Scania and Fidens successfully debut Brazil’s first teleoperated 8×4 mining truck

Hexagon, the global leader in sensor and software technologies, has partnered with Scania and Fidens to successfully debut Brazil’s first ever remotely operated 8×4 mining truck. The collaboration brings together industry knowledge across integrated technology, heavy equipment and situational expertise that Hexagon says will result in significant operational gains for mines in Brazil and worldwide.

The ‘groundbreaking’ initiative combines Hexagon’s sophisticated HARD-LINE TeleOp remote operation technology with Scania’s robust G 500 8×4 XT model mining truck and Fidens’ expertise in mining operations. The result is a remotely operated, super-capacity heavy tipper that prioritises safety while heightening speed and productivity in challenging mining environments.

HARD-LINE TeleOp serves as a virtual command chair for the truck operator, enabling safe navigation of vehicles from kilometres away. Thanks to the solution’s onboard cameras and sensors, operators can perform all normal driving tasks from the chair, positioned in a secure office-like environment, even from a considerable distance. The solution’s faster and more direct communication with the truck’s steering system means that every second that might have been lost to delays in command signals translates directly into increased productivity.

With Brazilian regulators recently mandating the decommissioning of hazardous tailings dams, this teleoperation – which can be adapted to any model Scania truck – Hexagon says is a revolutionary development. The deployment of autonomous solutions can help mine operators safely accelerate work in such high-risk areas while reducing environmental risks and costs.

“This is a watershed moment for Brazilian mines,” says Rodrigo Couto, President, Latin America, Hexagon’s Autonomous Solutions – Mining. “We are shaping a new reality, demonstrating with our partners how technology can help mines be more productive and address the critical need for tailing dam decommissioning. Because TeleOp is adaptable to other truck models, this is just the beginning of what we know will be a highly impactful and positive transformation for the industry.”