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FEATURE ARTICLE – Ground Support & Rock Reinforcement

As mining companies venture further underground, the importance of safe and efficient ground support and rock reinforcement processes grows. This month’s Sponsored Featured Article looks at the latest innovations from the sector, which includes a solution able to produce high quality and consistent wet shotcrete at the face without the use of trans-mixer trucks, the new Anti-Spin Cable anchor and the next generation of grouting technology, among others.

FEATURE ARTICLE – Fuels in mining

Fuels in mining are at a crossroads – while optimisation of diesel use and monitoring plus diesel security for greater fuel efficiency are a major focus, in the medium term, miners are starting to experiment more with diesel displacement using alternative fuels such as HVO and e-fuels; this month’s Spotlight Feature article looks at these trends and some of the strategies and technologies behind them

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Heavy Engineering & Wear Parts

This month’s Spotlight Feature Article covers the heavy engineering and wear parts space, and the digitalisation, application intelligence and sustainability elements vendors are pursuing to differentiate their products. Among the innovations discussed is ME Elecmetal’s Light Lifter SAG mill liner design, which aims to reduce a mill’s internal weight, expand its service life and enhance wear performance.

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Surface Mining Trucks

From autonomy to zero emissions, this month’s Spotlight Feature Article summarises some of the big developments in the surface mining truck market, as open pit haulage enters the most significant transition phase in its history. It includes the fact that Caterpillar Command for hauling-equipped trucks around the world have now autonomously and safely hauled more than 4 billion tonnes (4.4 billion tons) of material since 2013; with 1.2 billion tonnes of that in 2021 alone. Cat is also at the forefront of zero emissions mining truck development, having signed landmark deals with four of the world’s leading mining groups.

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With mining companies looking for a route to net zero, in-pit crushing & conveying offers one of the most proven ways to get there. To some extent, that has removed concerns about initial cost, given that miners face very uncertain costs anyway if they were to switch to battery electric haul trucks and associated charging infrastructure, much of which remains an unknown quantity. Even to go with trolley assist, whether with diesel-electric or all electric trucks,represents a big spend on trolley infrastructure. This month’s IPCC-focussed Spotlight Feature Article covers everything from the latest semi-mobile crushing station technology to gearless conveyor drives

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Surface Loading

This month’s Spotlight Feature Article on surface loading goes beyond just the excavators and shovels themselves and homes in on the latest awareness and digital technologies. This includes the latest on simulator-based training solutions for loading tools from Immersive Technologies which enable a range of specific hydraulic excavator, shovel and rope shovel operator errors and events allowing mine sites to obtain maximum operator efficiency while monitoring and training for equipment damage and potentially life-threatening emergency scenarios. Operator errors and events include a focus on the following areas: Hazard Avoidance, Hydraulics Management, Engine Management, Operator Productivity, Situational Awareness, Site Safety Procedures and Minimising Unscheduled Maintenance.

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Mining Software

This month’s Spotlight Feature Article covers mining software, a segment of the market that is always ready to evolve with updates and new functionality that adapts to the changing needs of mining companies. One of the current requirements under the spotlight is ESG reporting, a need Eclipse Mining Software – with its SourceOne platform – is currently helping with thanks to a database that is fully historised and auditable to allow companies to see how they are performing against their own internal ESG standards.

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Collision Avoidance

The technology is there today to enable conventional manned machines, not just autonomous ones, to slow down or stop themselves to avoid collision with another machine or worker. But applying it in practice is not without its challenges, reports Paul Moore in this month’s Spotlight Feature Article. The image shows an underground loader equipped with Booyco’s PDS – the South African based company has have deployed Level 9 solutions at more than 15 of its customer sites.

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Simulator Training

This month’s Spotlight Feature Article covers simulator based training in mining which is fast evolving beyond just learning how to drive a truck or operate a drill. Today, these machines are getting extra functionality, particularly with regard to operator assist – and so this is where simulation-based training is also going. Modular Mining, a Komatsu technology brand, and Immersive Technologies, a Komatsu subsidiary, recently released support for ProVision Guided Spotting for Immersive Technologies’ range of haul truck simulator Conversion Kits.

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Mining Screens

New technologies and approaches continue to be applied in mineral screening, a number of which are reviewed in this month’s Spotlight Feature Article. Derrick as an example has recently introduced its Trilogy™ surface technology – which it describes as its most advanced screening system yet. It is composed of individual thermoplastic components that may be assembled into various configurations for added flexibility to both increase gold recovery and reduce operating cost. It also says it has redefined high capacity, high efficiency, fine particle wet screening with the introduction of the eight deck SuperStack®.