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FEATURE ARTICLE – Autonomous Mining

This month’s Spotlight Feature Article homes in on some of the technology that enables autonomous mining vehicles to operate safely and efficiently – notably LiDAR and radar. Both these technologies continue to evolve – becoming more sensitive, accurate and rugged. The data they produce is also being used more effectively in conjunction with cameras & GNSS thanks to AI platforms, onboard edge processing and sensor fusion

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MINExpo 2021 is shaping up to, once again, bowl attendees over with an array of new technology and innovation set to take the mining sector by storm. In this month’s Spotlight Feature Article, we locate some of the highlights ahead of time. This includes Komatsu’s plans to unveil its latest haulage concepts, designed to prioritise customers’ desire to reduce emissions and for autonomous haulage solutions; revealing its future vision for power-agnostic dump trucks and autonomous haulage retrofits for existing equipment.

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Oils & Lubricants

This month’s Spotlight Feature Article reviews the latest developments for lubricants in mining – which are at the heart of successful heavy equipment maintenance & engine health. And its not all about oil-based solutions – TotalEnergies as an example now offers its HYDRANSAFE HFC-E hydraulic fluids, water-based products which offer both high fire resistance but also the most effective mechanical protection. These have already been proven in mining at a number of sites

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Heavy Engineering & Wear Parts

Smart design and engineering, new and intuitive digital tools, and safe and quick maintenance practices are all combining to ensure process plant and mine site equipment runs more efficiently over the long term. In this month’s Spotlight Feature Article, we peer into the heavy engineering and wear parts space to find out how solutions such as ME Elecmetal’s Super SAG® grinding balls are aiding this operational effectiveness and longevity.

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The mining haul truck market is changing fast, as mining groups commit to decarbonisation targets and invest in autonomy to up producivity. But other aspects are changing too – in on-board fire suppression systems for example, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are under scrutiny due to environmental persistence. Johnson Controls is leading the way with alternatives with its ANSUL® LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent: a high-performance fire suppression solution that provides rapid flame knockdown and superior surface cooling for reduced equipment downtime – all without the use of per fluorinated chemicals.

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Comminution and Crushing

Comminution and crushing continues to be a focus area for mining companies looking to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint and, as discussed in this month’s Spotlight Feature Article, there are plenty of solutions out there seeking to address both of these pain points. Homing in on the primary gyratory crusher side of the flowsheet, we take a look at how these massive machines are setting the ore up for the most efficient processing possible.

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Surface Loading

This month’s Spotlight Feature Article covers surface loading innovations – with the talk of the town currently being developments in remote control mining shovels by Hitachi, Komatsu and others. Komatsu has also reported very positive results from its hybrid shovel following trials, which can help customers on their lower environmental impact journey with reduced fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions

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FEATURE ARTICLE – Mining Software

No modern mine is short of data, but what these operations continually lack is an ability to fully leverage this data across operations due to data/process silos, interoperability issues and the like. In this month’s Spotlight Feature Article, IM looks at how the mining software community is addressing this issue, with companies like Eclipse Mining Technologies confronting the need for clean and ‘open’ data across the operation in order to unlock new operational efficiencies