The Electric Mine 2020 conference

The world’s only global mine electrification event

March 19-20, 2020, Radisson Blu Waterfront, Stockholm, Sweden


Following a sell-out event in Toronto, Canada, in 2019, The Electric Mine is back!

Against a backdrop of increasing ventilation costs, deeper mine developments and the need for miners to reduce their carbon footprint, mine electrification both above and below ground is accelerating. Electrifying operations with mobile, fully-electric and non-tethered equipment can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the environment for mine workers, positively impact mine design and cut both operational and capital expenses.

This industry development comes with unique challenges, however. Notably how to get the same or better efficiency and productivity from fully-electric machines, how to address issues like charging and energy storage, the different hazards that come with this new approach, the required new infrastructure, and achieving some kind of standardisation across different mines, regions, countries and continents.

The Electric Mine 2020, in Stockholm, Sweden, will delve into all these issues, hearing practical examples of how these challenges have been overcome at trial projects or mine sites.

The event will gather the leaders in the mine electrification space, with the program offering a platform for mining companies, OEMs, service providers and research institutes to exchange ideas on best practice within this fast-changing sector.

Taking place at the Radisson Blu Waterfront, in Stockholm, Sweden, the 1.5-day event will prepare those in the sector for what will inevitably become a major industry trend that affects all of those within the mining sector.

If you’d like to hear more about The Electric Mine 2020 – including opportunities for presenting, sponsoring and exhibiting – please feel free to get in contact with Editorial Director Paul Moore ([email protected]) or Editor Dan Gleeson ([email protected]). Company delegations are also entitled to a discount.

We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm!