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Each year hundreds of projects go through prefeasiblity, feasibility and development. Hundreds more expand. All these projects buy equipment and services. Use International Mining Project News (IMPN) to target your marketing effectively. Every two weeks IMPN collates and delivers to your inbox the latest news from projects around the world.

IMPN, every fortnight, provides details of DOZENS of projects, giving location, size and ownership details on projects that have reported during those two weeks. It also gives you key personnel details.

IM Project News Example

“I read IM Project News every two weeks and on occasion the quantity of information to assimilate is quite astounding. The accuracy and detail that goes into each element of news is also impressive. For one who uses the Project News as an element of their market intelligence and for business development I find most suitable. I can only imagine what amount of time it would take me to collate a similar quantity of data for my own purposes every two weeks! I would reccomend the report and method of delivery to anyone looking for a reliable source of information in the minerals sector”

“International Mining Project News is an informative comprehensive and reasonably priced publication, and has proved to be a very useful source of lead generation for us.”

IM Project News is a website resource and e-newsletter that is sent out every two weeks updating you completely and succinctly on the latest:

  • mining prefeasibility and feasibility studies
  • decisions to go into production
  • achievements of first production
  • decisions to expand
  • names of key project personnel
  • new players arising from IPO’s and M&A activity

We know of no single source for the comprehensive project news now available through IMPN. Extracting and compiling this information, frequently and consistently, into a searchable listing would take many, many search hours. IMPN does the work for you, providing you with a comprehensive and concise single-source prospect list of mining operations and personnel for targeted equipment sales, consulting services, management services, and investment analysis.

The newsletter covers hardrock mining, fuel minerals and industrial minerals. In each case, wherever possible, website contact details are provided for those who want to do further research.

If you would like an example of International Mining Project News please contact:  [email protected]

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