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Clean Earth Technologies, MCT Group sign pact to make gold processing cyanide- and acid-free

In what Clean Earth Technologies (CET) says is a major move to reduce pollution and support environment friendly initiatives, Dubai-based MCT Group has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CET that will see both parties enter a working relationship in the interests of locally manufacturing and supplying CET’s safer, more environmentally responsible technologies and reagents seeking to make gold processing cyanide- and acid-free.

This will be done at MCT Group’s facilities in DIP, in Dubai. The aim is to produce CET’s proprietary reagents, commercialised by CET’s subsidiary “Clean Mining”, to customers.

Misho Ravic, Group CEO, MCT said: “It is a matter of great satisfaction that our scale of operations and regional expertise make us an ideal organisation to introduce Clean Mining and make positive use of CET’s multiple capabilities. This MoU is timely as such industry processes and remediations that do not contaminate the earth or the air, are the way forward, especially for gold
mines globally.”

Bharat Ratteshwar, Executive Director, MCT Group, added: “Non-toxic, environmentally friendly industry processes fit well into the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, so we are excited about this latest development in our portfolio, which is both timely and significant. The MoU will open a new chapter in regional clean ecological practices and ensure the Earth is protected even as business and commercial considerations are maintained, with specific relevance to gold mining.”

CET’s Founder and CEO, Kevin Fell, concluded: “This MoU with MCT is a significant step in Clean Mining’s growth. With mining operations returning to normal globally, the demand for our
innovative mining solutions is growing and we need a partner who can assist us with scaling up our output to meet the demand. MCT’s proven track record in manufacturing and logistics is unmatched in the region, and we are thrilled that they have joined us on our mission to provide a safer and greener gold mining environment.”