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Terex Trucks to launch EU Stage V TA300, TA400 ADTs at Hillhead Digital

Terex Trucks is readying the launch of new EU Stage V versions of its TA300 and TA400 articulated haulers for the fast-approaching Hillhead Digital event.

The machines have been updated with an EU Stage V emission-compliant engine – and now deliver an improvement in fuel efficiency, an even stronger performance, as well as low total cost of ownership, the company says.

Both haulers come with a reduction of up to 7% in fuel consumption when compared with the Stage IV engine, according to Terex Trucks. Customers in Europe will also benefit from the haulers’ strong engine performance and excellent responsive power in all conditions.

Equipped with a Variable Geometry Turbo, the new Stage V engine allows for faster response at all engine speeds and an efficient combustion performance, according to the company. This helps improve operators’ efficiency while keeping the total cost of ownership low.

The TA300 and TA400 Stage V engine’s effective aftertreatment system uses selective catalytic reduction technology, removing the need for exhaust gas recirculation. This way, no exhaust gas is returned to the combustion chamber of the engine, helping to improve efficiency and durability of the machine. The diesel oxidation catalyst and a large-capacity diesel particulate filer ensure the engine meets the latest EU emission standards.

Kenny Price, Regional Sales Manager for EMEA at Terex Trucks, said: “Introducing the Stage V compliant engine for the TA300 and TA400 is part of our focus on delivering efficient, productive, high-quality and durable articulated haulers, while keeping the total cost of ownership down.

“We’re excited about presenting the new Stage V haulers to customers at Hillhead Digital.”

Just like the Terex Trucks Stage IV haulers, the new Stage V TA300 and TA400 are equipped with Scania DC9 and DC13 engines. Thanks to a drivetrain that is matched with the engine, the trucks deliver a powerful performance and excel in demanding work environments. For heightened levels of operational safety and control, an engine exhaust brake is installed as standard, which also reduces brake component wear.

The haulers also come with three-stage aspirated air filtration, which provides increased engine protection to lengthen maintenance intervals. All of this helps deliver strong, durable engine performance and keeps the total cost of ownership low.

The new Stage V TA300 and TA400 engines are also linked to Terex Trucks’ Haul Track telematics system, which allows customers to have visibility and control of the haulers, according to the company. They can access machine GPS location and tracking together with a range of downloadable daily performance reports such as machine hours worked, engine speed, idle time and system fault code alerts. This helps customers to plan maintenance more efficiently, maximises uptime and prolongs component lifecycles.

The first Stage V 28-t-payload TA300 and 38-t-payload TA400 are already rolling off the production line and will be delivered to the first customers in Europe from March, according to Terex Trucks.

Terex Trucks will present its new EU Stage V emission-compliant TA300 and TA400 dump trucks at the Hillhead Digital 2021 exhibition from March 30-31.

FuelActive ready to clean up diesel engine sector

FuelActive has announced new investment, grant funding, and leadership changes as it drives the global expansion of its innovative technology solutions for diesel engines.

FuelActive’s technology ensures the cleanest fuel available is supplied to the fuel lines of diesel engines and is the first line of protection against contaminated diesel in many industries including mining, it says.

The patented FuelActive® unit replaces the standard pick-up pipe and only picks up the cleanest fuel in the tank, according to the company. This is achieved by using a floating pick-up pipe to draw fuel from the upper level; leaving water and sediment behind at the bottom of the tank.

Such technology has previously been used successfully on a Komatsu 930E haul truck equipped with a Cummins QSK60 engine at the Los Pelambres mine, in Chile.

Benefits to operators include the elimination of fuel-related breakdowns, reduction in accelerated maintenance costs and extended injector life, the company says.

“When fitted from new, an engine stays closer to its specified performance for longer and is more reliable,” FuelActive says. “Burning cleaner diesel reduces toxic engine emissions, supporting compliance with clean air regulations.”

In terms of equity investment, £500,000 ($635,384) has come from new institutional investor, the Development Bank of Wales.

Richard Thompson and Andrew Critchley, from the bank’s specialist tech ventures team, said: “FuelActive has the potential of creating a global cleantech success story. Its ability to positively influence the performance of diesel engines, which will be in use for the next 30 years, could have a real impact on the environment.

“This is our first co-investment with the Adjuvo network, who enhance FuelActive’s position. We look forward to working with Nick Massey and the FuelActive team, and to further co-investments with Adjuvo.”

Private equity investment syndicate Adjuvo, which initially invested in FuelActive during 2016, has contributed a further investment of £750,000.

“Adjuvo identifies high growth opportunities that benefit from a network of experienced investors who provide advice and commercial introductions within their wide networks,” FuelActive said.

FuelActive has also recently been successful in its bid to win an Innovate UK Smart Grant for a project value of £500,000. The grant award will evolve the current technology to add digital capability, the company said.

“Smart Grants are awarded to businesses which deliver ambitious or disruptive innovations that can make a significant impact on the UK economy and beyond,” it explained.

Along with these financial announcements, the company confirmed that Nick Massey had become CEO of the company, with Martin Leahy taking on the new role of Vice Chairman.

Massey has a track record of delivering growth within private equity and publicly traded environments, according to the company. His background includes private equity stints for Goldman Sachs, with Coca-Cola and PA Consulting Group.

He said: “I’m honoured to be joining FuelActive with the backing of the Development Bank of Wales and Adjuvo investors. The problems of fuel contamination are universal and FuelActive’s technology can help operators mitigate the costs, capture upside in capital efficiency and contribute to our right to clean air.”

FuelActive emerged in 1998 through the vision of Founder Mike James, an engineer for over 40 years. After designing a proven solution to fuel contamination, an extensive period of R&D followed in conjunction with universities, government funding and investment from Adjuvo.