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ennomotive challenges developers to supress the dust problem

Chile-based ennomotive recently launched an open innovation challenge to look for IoT solutions to monitor dust contamination in “extreme work environments” like mining.

During this process, 43 applications – including companies, scholars, freelancers, and employees from other companies – participated in the challenge. Six startups from France, India, Argentina, Chile, and Indonesia also proposed an adaptation of their technologies.

As ennomotive explained, there are already some devices in the market specifically designed to monitor air quality in urban settings, but they only measure low level dust concentrations. “The sensors in these devices are not robust enough to operate under extreme industrial conditions since they get dirty very easily, collapse, stop measuring, and need constant maintenance.

“Extreme work environments need easy-to-install and autonomous devices that can measure PM10 particles and 50 mg/m3 concentrations. The minimum number of particles must be 500 mg/m3 and maximum 200 mg/m3.”

IoT devices are an able alternative to solve this problem, ennomotive says, with industrial IoT devices safer, more robust, and reliable for extreme environments (high temperatures, powerful vibrations, dust, humidity, corrosion, wear, etc).

ennomotive said the open innovation challenge ruled out existing commercial solutions due to their lack of robustness (too sensitive to endure extreme environments), reliability (high failure probability for some components) or precision (indirect measuring).

As part of the challenge, three solutions were selected with the following technologies:

  • Autonomous laser interferometer technology with a sensor-cleaning system and Edge computing for local alert-management data processing;
  • Combination of LED sensor and broadband photodetectors, and automatic calibration of the receive paths with mathematical processing; and
  • The development of a new sensor based on light scattering: an Arduino board converts the measurements into intensity relations and sends them to a central server as concentrations.

The first three prototypes were evaluated on site according to measurement quality, maintenance, autonomy, data transmission, etc. The result was a more robust prototype that combined the strengths of the three previous technologies, ennomotive said.

Thanks to the challenge, it was possible to design and evaluate different technologies, prototype, and test in a record time of five months, ennomotive said. “Open innovation has proven to be a very efficient tool to accelerate the development of new products.”

To read more about the winners, follow these links below:




Startups Seglico and Miqrotech win I’MNOVATION awards

Startups from Uruguay and the US are due to provide innovative safety and environmental solutions for mining as part of Ennomotive’s Acciona I’MNOVATION program.

The program, which aims to create an impact in industries such as mining, renewable energy, and Smart Cities by solving innovation challenges with the help of startups, closed on November 28, with Miqrotech and Seglico chosen to build a pilot of their technologies after winning.

Over 160 technological startups from all over the world submitted entries, with 20 of them selected as finalists from countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Canada, the US, and Australia.

Two mining challenges particularly stood out, and their goal was to improve worker’s safety and protect the environment in this industry, Ennomotive said.

The Uruguay-based startup, Seglico, with its occupational safety management solution, was the winner of the challenge about monitoring the health parameters of mining and construction workers. This company has an app that registers in a smartphone the vital signs captured by the worker’s wearables, according to Ennomotive.

The US-based startup, Miqrotech, is to provide a sensorisation solution for tailings and copper concentrates pipes, which has already been successfully implemented in the oil and gas sector. This company, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, uses IoT devices to monitor different parameters such as pressure, temperature, or humidity in the pipes to predict leakage using an AI system, Ennomotive said.

Currently, the winning startups are in the middle of a piloting process that will go on until May 2020 where they will adapt their technologies and undergo real tests on site, according to the organisation.

To read more about the winning startups, follow this link: https://www.ennomotive.com/winning-startups-acciona/

CEMI lends support to Chile I’MNOVATION open innovation program

Having recently launched its I’MNOVATION open innovation program in Chile, ennomotive has attracted the support of Canada’s Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) in furthering ACCIONA’s sustainable and renewable energy goals with the project.

ACCIONA has been present in Chile for over a decade and has more than 3,000 professionals that develop large infrastructure, water, industrial, and service projects.

The goal of the I’MNOVATION program is to transform the mining, energy, and construction industries to become more sustainable in Chile, according to CEMI. In this sense, eight challenges have been identified in areas with big potential for growth for ACCIONA, related to digital transformation and the fight against climate change in Chile, CEMI said.

One key area of this program is sustainable mining, where ACCIONA intends to provide solutions for Chile mining companies to make their operations safer and more environmental-friendly.

The second area is renewable energy where there are many ongoing projects in Chile and ACCIONA is one of the global leaders in this sector, according to CEMI. The company is looking for solutions to improve the efficiency of distributed generation grids, optimise the operation and maintenance of thermal solar plants and scale up renewables to isolated construction works to reduce the carbon footprint.

The third area focuses on Smart Cities and mobility, the use of electric vehicles in big cities and airports like the one in Santiago de Chile.

ACCIONA is looking for startups to provide technological solutions to solve these challenges. The best proposals will be awarded $25,000 to build a real-life pilot on site in Chile, with such pilots executed in collaboration with ACCIONA and going on for a three-month period.

Under the renewable energy challenges, ACCIONA is looking for management and network stability services through the control of consumption and renewable generation; energy sustainability in temporary, isolated construction works; and efficiency in operation and maintenance of a CSP and solar power plant using real-time weather and market data.

Its sustainable mining challenges include one around the efficiency and digitalisation of the copper leaching process; safety and health monitoring for on-site workers; and monitoring of piping systems for both tailings and copper concentrates.

The deadline to participate in the challenges is the October 28. See www.ennomotive.com/startup-competitions-mining/ for more details.