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PowerMaster’s Revolution tech to help remediate mine sites, recover tailings and crush materials

PowerMaster has announced the launch of its Revolution technology, which, it says, efficiently crushes materials, remediates mine sites and reprocesses valuable tailings.

The Revolution is an eco-friendly gyroscopic grinder designed to process various materials, from large rocks to fine tailings. The technoogy is billed as cutting the cost of processing by half and reducing the environmental impact of mining operations by reclaiming valuable minerals, cutting emissions and minimising waste.

“The world is running out of space for safe and sustainable waste disposal, while the mining industry faces significant challenges with tailings management and site remediation, all while aiming to keep costs and environmental impacts low,” Haiku York, President of PowerMaster, said. “With millions of tonnes of tailings produced daily, effective waste management is critical. At PowerMaster, we’re committed to addressing these challenges with our Revolution technology, which efficiently crushes materials, turns waste into valuable resources and reduces environmental contamination.”

By eliminating excess moisture from tailings, the Revolution processes waste into dry material, minimising groundwater leaching. Additionally, the technology excels in primary, secondary and tertiary crushing, enabling sustainable ore processing from various materials optimising resource recovery, the company says. The Revolution can be custom programmed for all types of materials and is adjustable for any output size.

“There’s really no other machine like it,” added Lila York, Director of Special Projects of PowerMaster. “Our product is half the price of other machines, one-tenth the maintenance cost, has virtually no downtime and when something gets in it that shouldn’t be there, it doesn’t blow up like other machines do. In fact, the Revolution is the safest machine on the market today. Once people realise how much it reduces both waste and costs, we expect to see a huge market demand.”