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Remote Energy takes fuel efficiency to next level with iON-DRIVE

Remote Energy has launched iON-DRIVE – the most compact, fuel-efficient solution in its anti-idle range.

The iON-DRIVE is a roof-mounted DC HVAC system with a built-in lithium-ion battery bank. The battery-powered HVAC system allows the truck’s main engine to shut off at idle while keeping the cab cool, reducing unnecessary idle time. With its purpose built, mine-spec steel assembly coupled with the highly efficient large face evaporator, the iON-DRIVE sets the standard for rooftop air conditioning systems in tough work environments, according to the company.

The iON-DRIVE has the capacity to run the HVAC system continuously for up to 30 minutes, with the built-in lithium-ion battery charged by the haul truck’s main battery bank, via a DC-to-DC charging interface.

Installation of the system on the cabin roof is simple, with the need to connect only two cables to the truck’s battery bank.

“The iON-DRIVE is most suited to haulage cycles with short idle times, allowing for sufficient battery charging from the truck’s main engine,” the company added.

Among the key benefits of iON-DRIVE are reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions; lower maintenance costs; the extension of service intervals and asset life; the ability to maintain operator comfort; increase available operating shifts; and the ability to improve operating redundancy with the installation of a second HVAC system.

Remote Energy Director, Chris Baumann, said: “We see that the iON-DRIVE provides a simple and unique anti-idle solution for haul truck fleets with lower idle times. With the continued push to find ways to operate more efficiently and reduce emissions, the iON-DRIVE is one solution that is available today, to reduce unnecessary fuel burn at idle.

“With the addition of the iON-DRIVE to our range of anti-idle solutions, we now have a solution for each unique application and can provide idle reduction for various haul cycle scenarios.”

Cat ups the ante with introduction of AD63 underground truck

Caterpillar has released a new underground articulated truck that, it says, features increased payload, advanced emissions controls, enhanced comfort and serviceability.

The new Cat® AD63, the largest underground truck in the Caterpillar product line, features a 5% increased payload and more torque for enhanced production capabilities, compared with its predecessor, the AD60. The new AD63 also can be configured to meet the strictest diesel engine emissions regulations – for both regulatory compliance and improved underground air quality, the company says.

Additional new features enhance operator ergonomics, maintenance access and safety, and data collection for machine health monitoring, according to the company.

The new model will be available in late 2020, according to the company.

The AD63 is powered by the Cat C27 diesel engine, which produces 588 kW, meets EU Stage V emission standards and is approved by CANMET for use in underground mines, the mining OEM said. The truck does not require diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to meet these standards, with the emissions control system maintaining the ability to use diesel particulate filters, such as the Cat Wall Flow Filter, to further reduce particulate emissions.

The AD63 powertrain also features a new torque converter gear ratio to increase peak torque and improve gear retention on variable grades, according to Cat. “The optimised transmission shift strategy results in smoother uphill driving and greater operator comfort,” it said. “The new torque converter also increases rimpull when driving away from a stop.”

The AD63 engine package has extended altitude capability – from negative 3,048 m to positive 1,524 m – while the new engine cooling package maintains capabilities at high ambient temperatures. A new design and routing for cooling air, meanwhile, improves serviceability, and the radiator core has serviceable tubes for fast repairs.

In the AD63 cab, the ducted ventilation and air conditioning system gives the truck operator full control with nine adjustable louvres for comfortable cooling and efficient defogging. The HVAC system is powered by a battery electric system so it can be operated when the engine is not running, which pays off in less engine idling and lower operating costs, according to Cat.

The new cab arrangement features a forward-facing trainer seat offering increased space and comfort for the trainer, Cat says. The tilt cab feature gives maintenance personnel the ability to tilt the cab for access to the cab side of the engine for easier and faster access to components. And, outside the cab, a redesigned access ladder and fold-flat handrails enhance safety during maintenance

The new AD63 incorporates Product Link Elite™ as standard equipment to enable data collection and equipment health monitoring. “The system enables sharing data across multiple destinations, reduces gaps in data or lost data due to network issues, and has direct connectivity to Caterpillar and Cat dealers for remote support and services, such as condition monitoring,” the company said.

The AD63 also has external displays showing the weight of the truck contents to the loader operator. “Instant feedback for the loader operator enables more efficient passes and optimum truck loads,” the company said, which added that displays are on both sides of the truck.

In addition to new technology, Caterpillar has added the option of a new lightweight dump body, with 38.3 m³ capacity. The AD63 also maintains commonality with other AD60 bodies.

Red Dot after HVAC traction in Eastern Europe

Red Dot has added another distributor to its global network of heavy-duty mobile HVAC units and parts dealers, this time adding SERWIS-KOP to better serve customers across Eastern Europe.

As one of Poland’s leader in the import and distribution of original equipment and replacement parts for construction and agricultural machinery, SERWIS-KOP is known for its extensive selection of high-quality products, affordable pricing and exceptional customer service, according to Red Dot.

“The new partnership will enable more heavy-duty fleet operators to benefit from greater access to Red Dot’s selection of premium heating and cooling solutions,” the company said.

The move follows closely on the heels of Red Dot appointing Trysome Auto-Electrical Engineering Ltd as a dealer for southern Africa.

Andy Elshaw, Managing Director of Red Dot Europe, said the company was looking forward to many years of partnership between SERWIS-KOP and Red Dot.

“It’s an honour to be working together with a recognised leader for construction and agricultural machinery within the Eastern European market,” he said.

Red Dot supplies all-makes mobile HVAC parts, accessories and unit kits for off-road vehicles across a range of industries, from agriculture and construction to mining and military. The company not only designs and manufactures complete HVAC units and kits for rooftops, trailers and cabins, it is also a full-line distributor of condensers, compressors, filters, thermostats, switches, fans and many other replacement parts for OE units.

Waclaw Redziniak, CEO of SERWIS-KOP, said: “Through this new partnership, more operators across Poland will now remain comfortable and productive in their cabs by having access to the best in heavy-duty mobile HVAC.”

Red Dot expands its HVAC reach into southern Africa

Red Dot Europe has welcomed Trysome Auto-Electrical Engineering Ltd into its global network of heavy-duty mobile HVAC units and parts dealers to reach customers throughout southern Africa.

The new partnership enables Red Dot to expand its global footprint while granting aftermarket customers greater access to Red Dot’s selection of leading products for operator comfort and safety, it said.

Trysome, southern Africa’s largest single-source supplier of heavy-duty auto-electrical components and collision avoidance systems, provides specialised auto-electrical and replacement components, technical services and collision avoidance systems for construction, agricultural, trucking and mining machinery.

Following this agreement, customers can now purchase Red Dot products through Trysome’s branches located in South Africa provinces Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape and Western Cape and across the border in Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and Namibia.

“We are thrilled to partner with Trysome as a global Red Dot distributor,” said Andy Elshaw, Managing Director of Red Dot Europe. “This new relationship presents a tremendous opportunity for both Trysome and Red Dot to serve heavy-duty fleets throughout the region, and foster relationships in this leading market for construction, mining and agricultural equipment.”

Red Dot offers a range of industrial mobile heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units, parts and components for transport and heavy machinery.

The company said: “With heating and cooling solutions developed for trucking, agriculture, industrial and construction applications, all Red Dot units and parts are built to last in any demanding environment.

Not only does Red Dot design and manufacture complete HVAC units and kits for rooftops, trailers and cabins, it is also a full-line distributor of condensers, compressors, filters, thermostats, switches, fans and many other replacement parts for OE units.