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Weir Minerals Africa underlines benefits of Linacure wear parts

Weir Minerals Africa says its Linacure® 40 natural rubber compound is engineered to provide superior wear performance to counter fine slurry abrasion.

Locally manufactured by the company, this uncured compound is suitable for applications where hot bonding is the preferred method of installation, the company said.

Using the same formulation principles employed in Weir Minerals standard Linatex premium rubber, Linacure 40 was created to provide a differentiated wear performance when compared with competitor uncured natural rubber products, according to Weir.

“Worldwide tests have confirmed the performance of this wear lining which is rated at 40 IRHD against the ISO 48-2010 standard,” Weir says.

It offers a tensile strength of 215 bar (3,118 psi) and is suitable for use in operating temperatures from -40 degrees centigrade to +70 degrees centigrade, the company added.

Linacure 40 is manufactured in sheet form of varying thicknesses, allowing it to be cut or configured into any shape the application may require, according to Weir, adding it is lighter and more flexible than other wear liner materials such as steel and ceramics. The latter trait makes it easier to handle and install, Weir said.

Typical applications for the product would be to line pipelines, chutes, tanks and hoses.