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DMC Mining acquires Sandvik DD422i development jumbo for Victoria project

DMC Mining Services has introduced a Sandvik DD422i development jumbo with dual controls to its flagship Victoria project in Ontario, Canada, it has confirmed.

Michal Marcin Jezioro, Managing Director and CEO of DMC, said: “We are thrilled to introduce this new jumbo to our clients. This product represents a significant advancement in the mining industry, and we are honoured to be one of the first contractors in the region to offer its services.

“Our team will be working closely with Sandvik to aid in the research and development of the drill, with the intention of further optimising the installation of a variety of ground support means.”

DMC has been contracted to engineer, design, procure, fabricate, complete and commission the works associated with the execution of the Advanced Exploration Phase of the Victoria project. “That entails the early works construction, sinking of the exploration shaft, lateral development, definition drilling and bulk sample collection,” Jezioro told IM last year.

The cutting diameter of the exploration shaft is 7.3 m, with the finished diameter of the fullylined shaft being 6.7 m.

The Victoria project is based on the construction of an underground copper and nickel mine. Based on analytical work carried out in 2017, the baseline scenario assumes two phases of development of the Victoria project,
including the sinking of the first shaft, with additional exploration work and, later, the sinking of the production shaft.

DMC has implemented a phased construction approach at the project that enables it to execute shaft activities while preparing for the subsequent phases of exploration, ramp up and mine production.

DMC said: “As a leader in the mining industry, we continually strive to improve our operations, enhance our productivity and ensure safe operations. This addition is expected to do just that.”

Key features of the Sandvik DD422i highlighted by DMC include:

  • Dual feed designed to support multiple applications of drilling activities;
  • Increased safety by removing the operator from working near unsupported ground at the face;
  • Reduction in overall cycle times resulting in productivity gains; and
  • Use of one single piece of equipment allowing for standardised spares and a single OEM.