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New Revolution Container Loader & Mover finds the right angle

A new product to move, lift, stack, turn containers and support containerisation of bulk material has been launched by Robert Huthloff (formerly MAFO and CES GmbH in Germany).

The Revolution Container Loader & Mover, designed by Dr Ing Gianguido Corvi, is a straddle carrier equipped with a tilting spreader for 20-40 ft (6.1-12.2 m) containers.

The defining feature setting it apart from other solutions on the market is the possibility to turn full containers by a maximum of 90° to allow vertical loading and unloading of bulk material, Fronteq, the international sales agent for the product, said.

Benefits of this manoeuvrability include increased efficiency, productivity, storage capacity and reduced pollution, Fronteq said. This includes being able to stack containers on top of each other and tilting containers by up to 48° to allow unloading of bulk material on the ground (or placed on the floor to allow unloading of non-bulk material).

The key markets for the Revolution Container Loader & Mover are agriculture, mining, recycling, chemicals, food and plastics, to name a few, according to Fronteq.

Fronteq acts as intermediary between sellers and buyers of equipment for the logistics and port industry, mainly pre-owned equipment such as reach stackers, high capacity forklifts, RTG, RMG, MHC, straddle carriers, rail (road) shunting equipment, side lifters and other specialised products.