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SME powers up Titan220 electric truck jacking system

Specialized Maintenance Equipment (SME) a member of Ontario, Canada-based The NMT Group of Companies, has announced the introduction of the Titan220e battery-powered truck jacking system.

The patented Titan220e is designed to keep operators safe by using remote control to easily position the unit under the chassis of a haul truck. Using the OEM certified lifting points, it is then able to elevate and stabilise a complete axle of a large haul truck.

SME says: “The Titan220e is a fast, safe and effective tool for tyre and maintenance technicians to perform their work. The latest hydraulic and electronic technology is used to transform the Titan220e into a certified safety stand, eliminating the need for secondary supports. Tyre and truck maintenance time is reduced, increasing truck availability.”

Wayne Desormeau, Global Product and Innovation Manager, SME, said above standard safety is built into every piece of equipment designed and manufactured at the NMT Group, with the Titan220e being no different.

He continued: “The Titan220e uses hydraulic locking valves, plus four secondary mechanical locking arms, when lifting and securing the load. The mechanical locking arms give the operator visual confirmation that the load is secure.”

SME has diesel prototypes currently operating in South America (SLT220), but government and environmental mandates have forced mine sites to demand a cleaner solution, SME said.

“SME listened to their customers’ needs and are happy to introduce a successful battery-electric Titan220,” it said, adding that the machine has been designed to operate with optional power modules, diesel or electric (dry cell or lithium-ion).

GMG strengthens mining innovation ties with SME partnership

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) and the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) have announced a strategic partnership to “drive increased openness in the mining industry”, GMG says.

“The SME-GMG partnership will enable SME members to maintain a leadership position in the global mining community,” GMG said, adding that it has similar agreements with other mining organisations as a key strategy to building and strengthening the global mining innovation network.

GMG Executive Director, Heather Ednie, said: “The future of mining requires greater collaboration, increased openness and sharing across the industry, and a willingness to embrace new technologies and practices – that is the premise of GMG. And, we need leadership level participation from the US mining community to be successful – and SME represents that community.”

As part of this collaboration, SME will become the official partner on all GMG events held in the US as of 2020.

SME Executive Director, David L Kanagy, said: “The United States is one of the leading mining nations in the world, home to many large mining companies as well as key mining suppliers, both traditional and non-traditional.

“This partnership will enable SME members to participate in global innovation collaboration and ensure that the US has input into international guidelines development.”