Outokumpu Technology to expand EI Teniente sulphuric acid plant

Outokumpu Technology has signed a turnkey contract worth $20 million with Codelco to revampEl Teniente’s No. 1 sulphuric acid plant at the Caletones copper smelter near Rancagua, Chile. The aim is to increase the capacity of the existing facility, improve operability and reduce current maintenance requirements. Outokumpu Technology’s scope consists of engineering, design, delivery, construction, erection and commissioning of specific equipment in different plant areas.  

The project will be executed by Outokumpu Technology’s engineering staff in Chile and Germany. The revamped plant will be operational by the end of 2007. 

Outokumpu Technology’s expertise in sulphuric acid plants and off-gas handling is based on former Lurgi Metallurgie technologies.