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Why our circulation will work for you!

A mine’s purchasing is controlled by many people. There are people at head office, from the CEO down, if it is, for example, a major fleet purchase. There may also be, in larger companies, dedicated purchasing managers. Senior management on the mine are other decision makers in the purchasing process, and closer to the face (or the process stream), there are foremen and other personnel who influence purchasing decisions. All these people in literally hundreds of mining companies read IM.

Purchasing decisions are made all round the world. For example, the UK has little mining industry left, but the top three mining companies (BHP Billiton, Anglo American and Rio Tinto) have head offices in London. Equally, many smaller mining companies from the UK are the leaders in developing projects in countries like Russia and Kazakhstan. Your product may be shipped to the Steppes, but the decision to buy it may well have been made in London, or Toronto, or Perth, etc.

Then there is the input of the consultants and engineering companies. Such companies are very influential, particularly in the design and construction of processing and metallurgical plants. They are also, often, more adventurous when it comes to new technology than engineers on the mines themselves