Intrinsically safe rechargeable battery

Saft’s new MP 174865 IS cell is the world’s first rechargeable lithium-ion cell to comply with the EN 50020 ‘Intrinsic Safety’ standard for ATEX applications. This is new ground in rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology; suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The new MP 174865 IS cell enables Saft to offer all the proven performance, capacity and weight saving advantages of its medium prismatic Li-ion technology in a range of portable power applications where there is a risk of flammable gases accumulating and detonating.

In addition to its intrinsically safe design – which Saft believes is a world first for this type of rechargeable Li-ion cell – the MP 174865 IS cell offers the same important advantages as the standard MP cells. These include a high voltage (nominal 3.6 V), high capacity (4.8 Ah nominal when charged at 4.1 V), high power (335 Wh/l) and energy density (140 Wh/kg) that can enable considerable weight savings to be made in comparison to conventional batteries.

 A further advantage of the MP 1744865 cell is its low self-discharge rate of below 10% per month, so in many cases it can eliminate the need for trickle charging. It also enables an easy state of charge indication based on measurement of its OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) It is compact (measuring 18 x 48 x 65 mm) and weighs only 124 g.